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100% Genuine Suzuki Factory Manuals! Vintage Manuals also Available

•We sell only Suzuki factory manuals - no third party manuals!

•Suzuki factory specifications.

•All our manuals are the latest updates, straight from the Suzuki factory. No old or out of date information.

•Our Service Manuals are not basic instructional manuals! They are the very same manuals used by professional technicians. These manuals assume basic service skills.

• We are the only source of vintage Suzuki authorized manuals.

• We offer Suzuki Motor Co. produced vintage manuals for most models and most years.

• Find pre-1990 motorcycle manuals by selecting "Vintage" in the drop-down menu, in the "Start Here" / "Step 1" area.

•You can order pre-2007 marine manuals using the special request function.

Types of Manuals

Owner's Manual - The manual that comes with a newly purchased vehicle. Provides instructions for proper operation and performing basic inspection and maintenance. View Sample

Service Manuals - The manual used by Suzuki factory technicians. Contains detailed procedures for all service, from performing basic periodic maintenance to a complete engine disassembly and assembly. Covers all systems and components. View Sample

Owner’s Race Preparation Manual - This manual comes with a newly purchased competition motorcycle (RM-Z250, since 2010) and will help you maintain the unit in top working condition. It contains detailed information for performing all periodic maintenance and race tuning procedures including top end, clutch and suspension service. However, this manual is not a complete service manual and does not cover all systems and components such as: the crankshaft, transmission, fuel injection and electrical systems. View Sample

Owner's Service Manuals - This manual combines under a single cover the Owner's and Service Manuals previously described. This special manual is the only type existing for off-road competition motorcycles. View Sample

Marine Manuals - We have Owner's Manuals (the type of manual that comes with a newly purchased engine) and the more detailed Service Manuals (the type of manual used by Suzuki factory technicians) for Suzuki marine engines. All manuals have the highest quality digital images. Owner's Manual Sample | Service Manual Sample

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